Mid-Size Go Kart Buying Guide (23 Models Compared)

Midsize go karts is the size that most older used go karts to fall into. Most of the brands like Manco, Yerf-Dog, Murray, etc. were made in the sizes that would be considered midsize nowadays. Go karts weren’t meant to be luxurious and perfectly comfortable, they were made lightweight, and with fun and agility in mind. This group of go karts is where I would recommend adults and bigger kids (10-18) to start if they want something new. 

You will see below that we’re still in what I would consider the expensive column. Go karts this size can be found for much cheaper used, however, you will sacrifice some of the newer upgrades and options found on most of these go karts. If you would prefer buying new, I have given my comparison below as if I were looking to buy one new and using what I know about go karts from my own experiences.

Note: I have removed the weight limit and seat numbers from this list. The weight limit is more driven by physical size versus the weight, and only the SportKart 6.5HP is a single seater.
Go Kart Name HP Engine Top Speed (MPH) Drive Type Reverse? Seat to Pedal Distance Price Winner
SportKart 6.5HP 6.5 40-45 Clutch No *33-37in $1,095 Best Budget
Transformer 6.5HP 6.5 40 Torque Converter No *33-37in $1,199  
Interceptor 196 XRS 6.5 31 Torque Converter No 31.5-34.5in $1,249  
TrailMaster MID XRS 6.5 31 Torque Converter No 31.5-34in $1,299  
Tarzan 125GKS 125cc 38+ Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,344 Best Value
Kandi Mini FM5 125cc 25+ Transmission Yes *30-35in $1,399  
KinRoad Mighty Max 6.2 28 Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,399  
Aero Hawk 125 125cc 25+ Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,449  
Kandi Mini Fox 125cc *30 Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,499  
Kandi Mini Rover 125cc 35 Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,499  
Kandi Mini Talon 7 31 Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,599  
American Sportworks Black Widow 4.1 24 Torque Converter No 33-37in $1,699  
Interceptor 196 XRX 6.5 30+ Torque Converter No 31.5-34.5in $1,699  
TrailMaster MID XRX 6.5 30+ Torque Converter No 31.5-34.5in $1,749  
Mini Magnum 125cc 35 Transmission Yes 31.5-34in $1,799  
TrailMaster MID XRX-R 6.5 30+ Torque Converter Yes 31.5-34.5in $1,899  
Apollo T-Rex 125cc 25-35 Transmission Yes *33-37in $1,899  
Pathfinder 196cc 35+ Torque Converter Yes *33-37in $1,999  
TrailMaster Blazer 200R 6.5 31 Transmission Yes 34-39in $2,099  
TrailMaster Cheetah 8 7.5 32 Transmission Yes 32-39in $2,299  
Marauder 6.5HP 6.5 26-28 Torque Converter No 39-41in $2,399  
Viper 200 13.5 45 Transmission Yes *33-37in $2,489 Best Overall
Carbide 150 9 37-39 Transmission Yes 34-39in $2,795  

* values estimated, not provided by the manufacturer.

1. SportKart 6.5HP

This go kart is the best budget! Even though it’s only a single seater, you just cannot beat the speed of this go kart. This go kart will roast some tires, can easily be upgraded and would be unbelievable fun for anyone jumping on this thing. 

What’s The Price?

At $1,095 this is the cheapest go kart on the list by far, but also the least equipped. It is available here from GoKarts USA.

Top Speed:

Even though this is the cheapest go kart on the list, it is also capable of the fastest speeds, in stock form. Upgrade a little and this go kart could get seriously fast. 

Handle Pedals:

One really unique option on this go kart is the pedals are actually handles attached to the steering wheel. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that, but it’s definitely different and gets points for that in my book.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Well, obviously a lot. This go kart is lacking many options, but it’s certainly not short on fun for the price. You could shred tires on this thing all day.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

There are so few parts to go wrong and the pure speed this thing is capable of looks incredibly fun. Just be sure to know the limit of the brakes before topping it out.

2. Transformer 6.5HP

What’s The Price?

$1,199 is a short jump up for a few more options, also from GoKarts USA, and available here.

Full Frame:

For around $100 more than the SportKart 6.5HP you are getting a full frame on this go kart as well as room for another passenger. An excellent upgrade for the price!

Torque Converter:

Also for that extra $100 you are getting a torque converter instead of a clutch, an excellent upgrade as well, well worth the price in usability and wearability.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

We are void of any upgraded opinions here, a better seat is probably the next thing I would look to add.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is the cheapest torque converter driven two seater go kart in this physical size.

3. Interceptor 196 XRS

What’s The Price?

For $1,249 you are getting the Interceptor 163 XRS+ from our kids list with a 6.5 HP engine instead of 5.5 HP. Check the latest price here from GoKarts USA.

196cc 6.5 HP Engine:

The major upgrade here is the 6.5 HP engine. Sure most might think, it’s only 1 HP more, but the great thing here is that you’re now open to a much larger world of aftermarket parts. The 196cc 6.5 HP engine is very common and with that comes lots of parts to make your go kart faster, and cheaper replacement and maintenance parts. 

Max Speed Increase:

This go kart has adjustable top speed. If you have varying ages of drivers, you can easily set them up for the slower speeds, and then switch to the higher speed for others or when they become more confident and responsible. This option makes this go kart more usable for a wider range of kids.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

As with the other entry level go karts, this one also lacks some of the better features. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

It’s only a little bit more than our first two go karts, but the ability to adjust speed could come in really handy with a wide range of drivers.

4. TrailMaster MID XRS

What’s The Price?

For $1,299 you are getting an identical go kart to the Interceptor 196 XRS+, but stepping up to the TrailMaster name. You can find it here at GoKarts USA.

6.5 HP Engine:

As with the Interceptor 196 XRS+, you are open to many more options with this engine size. Being the most common engine the aftermarket support is vast!

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

This model is the bottom of the line in TrailMasters 31.5-34in seating size. Because of that you again have a basic go kart without all the available upgrades.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart has less to go wrong and the options to upgrade as your kids grow. 

5. Tarzan 125GKS

This go kart is the best value! It’s miles better than some of the other cheaper go karts, and is also the cheapest go kart on this list with a transmission. Even though it is the cheapest with a transmission, it doesn’t lack in other options and includes everything go karts twice it’s price does. You just cannot get more options for the money than this go kart.

What’s The Price?

For an odd price of $1,344, you get an awesome go kart with a transmission, the cheapest on this list. Again available from GoKarts USA here.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, fenders are awesome. If you drive on a gravel road you will be amazed at how fenders knock down the rocks. Without fenders, you’ll be amazed at how many rocks are actually thrown around while you drive!

Heat Guard:

Honest this option is pretty rare, but it’s a nice touch around smaller kids. You might not always be on top of where they are, and this heat guard will keep them away from the parts that will burn them pretty easily. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

I would like to see some bigger rear tires on this go kart, it would look a heck of a lot more cool, and would add to it’s climbing ability.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

The major selling point here is the cheapest entry point to a transmission in this size of a go kart. As you can tell from the graph, the small engine is capable of a very respectable top speed because of the gearing.

6. Kandi Mini FM5

What’s The Price?

Listed for $1,399 this is the cheapest main brand go kart to have reverse and a transmission. Available from GoKarts USA here.


This go kart’s transmission is a 3 speed automatic with reverse. The transmission is automatic, and you have an extra hand lever for reverse. 

Fenders and Mirrors:

This go kart also incorporates fenders and mirrors, two items that add to the comfort of driving. Fenders are a great option when riding on gravel or rocky terrain as go karts tend to throw rocks.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Top speed is a little unknown from the manufacturer; they specify 25+. Also, this one is missing a battery tender, as before, my recommendation from Amazon here.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

Kandi is a great brand and this style is extremely popular. This go kart is a solid buy with most of the common options you would want.

7. KinRoad Mighty Max

What’s The Price?

The Mighty Max is priced at $1,399 and also available from GoKarts USA here.

Bigger Sport Seats:

The seats in the Mighty Max are more form fitting and comfortable than regular bench seats. This will help you stay planted in the seat and be more in control while driving.

Shade Canopy:

The Mighty Max comes with a canvas canopy that is great for shade. This is a nice touch as most go karts fail to include a feature like this. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Although there is a cargo area, the gas tank takes up more than half of it. It would be better if the gas tank were mounted below to give more cargo room.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart also has a transmission and reverse, but the great thing is it comes with a Honda GY6 engine. Honda engines are incredibly reliable, and this specific one has a healthy aftermarket to upgrade as you need.

8. Aero Hawk 125

What’s The Price?

$1,449 will get you an amazing looking go kart! The fender design on this go kart is top notch! GoKarts USA lists it here.


This go kart looks amazing and aggressive and super capable. The way the fenders and the grill flow looks more like a UTV than almost any other go kart on our lists. The utility rack is also perfectly placed and completes the look.

Almost Road Legal:

This go kart is a bit unique in that it includes headlights, side mirrors, and a horn. All features that are required in my states where you can make a go kart street legal. You will need to add blinkers minimum but you are already leagues ahead of most go karts. The wiring you need to tap off of already exists!

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Unfortunately, the top speed is lacking. With the use of a transmission I’m not sure why they limited the top speed. This go kart should be capable of well above 25MPH. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

Other than the low speed, this go kart looks fantastic and has the options to match. With an extra wheel you can be confident with this go kart on long trips out.

9/10/11. Kandi Mini Fox/Rover/Talon

What’s The Price?

These go karts are $1,499 for the Fox and Rover and $1,599 for the Talon. All three are available from GoKarts USA here, here, and here.


I’ve chosen to group them together because they are very similar. They all have 125cc engines, all fit the same size drivers, headlights, full suspension, and transmissions with reverse. 


The Fox is the smallest looking because of the compact frame but is the only one to include mirrors. The Rover tops out at slightly higher MPH than the others but looks basically identical to the Fox. The Talon is perhaps the biggest difference visually but includes all the same features as the other two.

What’s Missing From These Go Karts:

All three are quite compact and I would have liked to of seen a little bigger footprint on them.

Why These Go Karts Are Great

They’re all very capable go karts with their own distinct styling. I really like the keyed electric start on them as well. That is super convenient!

12. American Sportsworks Black Widow

What’s The Price?

This go kart is priced at $1,699 which is quite high for the slowest go kart on our list. You can get one here from GoKarts USA.

American Made:

Perhaps the biggest selling point is that this go kart is made in the USA. That also helps explain the price point. If you’re looking for a made in the USA go kart, this is an excellent starter model.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Unfortunately, a lot. This is typically the reason China made product outperform USA made products. This go kart has an undersized engine which makes it slower than the rest of the list.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

If you want to support USA companies, this is your entry level option. The build quality looks outstanding and most basic options are included.

13. Interceptor 196 XRX

What’s The Price?

The Interceptor 196 XRX is also $1,699, you can find all the details here from GoKarts USA.

High Back Seats:

One of the major differences between the Interceptor XRX vs the XRS is the addition of the high back more comfortable seats. This is a huge plus and definitely worth the money in my opinion. For as much as you are thrown around in go karts, nice seats make a big difference.


Like all other 6.5HP, torque converter go karts on this list, they are highly upgradable with engine parts. This go kart already goes 30+ MPH but with the addition of more performance parts, the sky is the limit. A little also goes a pretty long way when it comes to upgrades.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

For the price you could have other go karts with transmissions and reverse. It’s kind of hard to argue against reverse.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is one of the most common middle of the road go karts with some upgrades, but not so much as to get in the way of pure fun. This go kart is ready to rock and not overly complicated to maintain.

14. TrailMaster MID XRX

What’s The Price?

You may start to notice that the TrailMaster go karts are always $50 more than the Interceptor of the same model, making this go kart $1,749. GoKarts USA ships them here.

Protection Additions:

Like the Interceptor, this model adds padding on the cage, covers over the headlights and a canopy. More care was taken into protection of the driver as well as the go karts parts on these models.

Lots of Color Options:

Most go karts will come in only a few common colors. This go kart comes in black, red, blue, pink, and green. Pretty uncommon to see pink in a go kart of this size. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

If I’m nitpicking, which I have to at this price of go kart, the storage rack could use more metal to surround it and keep things in. Honestly, it’s a small gripe but other go karts have this, so it’s room to improve.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

As with the Interceptor, you can’t really go wrong with this go kart. It’s got a few key upgrades to it but overall it’s a very capable, ready to run go kart without being overly complicated. 

15. Mini Magnum

What’s The Price?

For $1,799 this go kart stands out against the competition. GoKarts USA has them available here.


This go kart just screams cool. It’s one of the most unique designs at this price range and looks fantastic. It also comes in a lot of color options including yellow. Overall this go kart had a great look and is an excellent option.

Overhead Lighting:

Another thing I really like about this go kart are the lights on top of the cage. Most go karts have the headlights lower below the steering wheel while this go kart has them mounted up top. This will help greatly in low light situations giving you more usable light.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

It could use a slightly larger gas tank at just under 1/2 gallon. I’d usually like to see a little more for remotely mounted gas tanks. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart is just fantastic looking and every bit as capable as other go karts on this list. If this fits your style, it’s a fantastic option.

16. TrailMaster XRX-R

What’s The Price?

Listed at $1,899 you can have this top of the line TrailMaster right here from GoKarts USA.


First off the most obvious addition is the extra standalone reverse gearbox. This is the only way to accomplish reverse for a torque converter driven go kart. 

Metal Covered Axle Gear:

Having metal cover your axle gear is technically a good and bad thing. It does slightly lower your ground clearance, but the benefit of protecting the gear is huge. If you were to hit it on a rock or tree root and bend it, good luck pushing your go kart back home. There’s no way you’re keeping the chain on a bent sprocket.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Torque converter vs transmission is kind of preference, but it’s tough to argue for this price that you adding a transmission instead of a standalone reverse wouldn’t have been a better choice.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

There’s no higher model TrailMaster in this size. If you’re a top of the line person, and your brand is TrailMaster, this is the go kart for you.

17. Apollo T-Rex

What’s The Price?

$1,899 will get you a go kart with possibly the best name out there. Every kid you know will be envious of this one. You can get yours here from GoKarts USA.

UTV Type Styling:

This go kart really looks like a mini UTV. The way the fenders mold into the front and the color matched top panel really makes the design. No mistaking this go kart looks great.

Spare Tire:

This isn’t the only go kart on the list to include a spare, but it’s a good opportunity to state what a great idea that is. Going out into the unknown with rubber tires, you are bound to run into something you didn’t plan to. The last thing you want is a flat to drive back on. With only basic tools, you could fix your own wheel while out on the trails. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

With the addition of fenders, side panels are a necessity, but the extra protection would be nice.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

Every go kart at this level is going to be a great buy, this go kart is no different. My kids would love it strictly based on the name alone.

18. Pathfinder

What’s The Price?

The Pathfinder is priced at $1,999. Full details here from GoKarts USA.

Rugged Good Looks:

There’s something really cool about the way this go kart looks. It looks kind of stubby with a really sharp front cage section. The way it sits higher reminds me of offroad vehicles made for rock crawling. Once you include all the lights and mirrors and net in the rear, you get a really great looking go kart.

Gas Tank:

Unlike the Mini Magnum, this go kart offers a just under 1 gallon gas tank. That’s a great size for a compromise between enough fuel for a long trip, and not too much as to weigh the go kart down unnecessarily.  

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

If anything, a horn might make this go kart fully street legal. It already has headlights, taillights, mirrors, and blinkers. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

I love the dual headlights and top cage lights, mixed with almost every option you can pack into a go kart. 

19. TrailMaster Blazer 200R

What’s The Price?

$2,099 gets you into the little brother of an excellent full size go kart. Details from GoKarts USA are here

Sport Styling:

The difference between the XRX-R and this go kart are very small. The most obvious is the overall visual difference. That is the main difference between the two and probably the reason to decide between them. 

Individual Seats:

Most go kart seats are fixed together, while this go kart has individual seats. This sometimes helps with you have a much larger passenger that doesn’t have to be cramped next to a shorter driver.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

For over $2,000 I would like to see a more powerful engine. The more low end torque the more fun it is to drive and it seems we’re stuck with the same common 6.5HP engine again.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is identical to the XRX-R but with different styling. Definitely a very capable go kart as well.

20. TrailMaster Cheetah 8

What’s The Price?

The most expensive TrailMaster on our list is the Cheetah 8 at $2,299. Full details from GoKarts USA available here.

7.5HP Engine:

Finally! A go kart with a more upgraded engine size. Granted this jumps up to a less common size with less aftermarket support, but at this price point, it’s pretty likely the owner will keep it the way it is stock. 

Upgraded Rear Suspension:

This go kart is 90% of the way to a UTV. With articulating rear suspension it is less prone to roll overs and handles more like a UTV. Along with the bigger wheels all around this go kart is very capable for use with rock climbing and other more extreme terrains than most other go karts.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Mirrors are the only thing I notice that might be a welcomed addition. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is basically a cheap UTV without the price of one. Extremely capable and faster with the upgraded engine size, this go kart will be loads of fun.

21. Marauder 6.5 HP

What’s The Price?

Being made in the USA again, the Marauder shows it at $2,399. It is available here from GoKarts USA.

Bigger Tires:

The rear tires on this go kart are bigger than most in this model range as well as having the more aggressive tread. 

3 Year Warranty:

This go kart sports a 3 year warranty which is pretty good. Being a USA company, support should be pretty easy to come by.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Unfortunately, this go kart falls into the same category as the Black Widow. Being made in the USA it’s tough to compete on price with the same options. Many are left off of this go kart compared to the competitors. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is the best made in the USA go kart you can get in this size that uses a torque converter. It also has a little extra legroom than most, going up to 41 inches. 

22. Viper 200

This go kart is the best overall! It is second most expensive, so not entirely too hard to call, however, the jump in horsepower and top speed and just overall fun factor just skyrocket when you get to this go kart. It’s just so much more capable than anything else on this list and really, not that much more expensive than a lot of others on this list. This is by far one of the best go karts you can get out there!

What’s The Price?

$2,489 gets you a whole lot more go kart for the money at this level. GoKarts USA has them available here.

Buggy Styling and Capability:

This go kart looks amazing. It looks like it came straight from the sand dunes and is more than capable of handling huge hills with it’s bigger tires. It even comes with a tool kit for emergencies.

Engine and Top Speed:

At 13.5 HP this go kart can go up to 45 MPH! With more than double the horse power as most other go karts on this list, you’re going to feel the extra torque while speeding out of corners or coming up hills. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Something as small as mirrors would go a long way again. It’s always a good idea to have a view of what’s behind you. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go karts speed and acceleration are going to be unmatched here and really ramp up the fun factor. This go kart is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

23. Carbide 150

What’s The Price?

Our most expensive on this list comes in at $2,795. Shipping from GoKarts USA here.

Transmission and Reverse:

Of the USA made go karts on this list, this is the only one to include a transmission with reverse. 

Fenders and Mirror:

Additionally, fenders and a single rear view mirror are exclusive to this model of the go karts made in the USA.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

The theme continues here with USA made go karts. The options are just not as cheaply available. Price continues to be a stretch.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

If you’ve got money to throw around and want to support USA companies, this is your biggest opportunity!



First I’ll start by saying, I’ve listed the links for all these go karts from GoKarts USA because they are a USA company and I like to support USA companies when I can. Lots of these are available from other locations, but I didn’t bother finding them for one simple reason. As with my kids go kart buying guide, I recommend not buying any go kart on this list. Simply put you can buy a used go kart for so much less that I only see one reason to buy a go kart off this list.

If you’re the type of person who wants something brand new and ready to go, without any fixing or maintaining, obviously new is best for you. The only warning is to be prepared to pay upfront but also understand you’ll still have to maintain these go karts the same as you would a used one. 

I would also advocate for searching for a good used deal and going that direction. You will often find great deals and adding options or replacing broken options typically allows you to save money and pick the ones you care most about. I outline my best suggestions for buying used go karts in this article and suggest you read there as well, then make your decision.



I love to drive my kids around in our go kart and I'm always looking for an opportunity to share what I've learned with others!

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