Kids Go Kart Buying Guide (9 Models Compared)

Go karts are a great way of introducing kids to driving while also being safe. But with all the options out there, it’s hard to discern what is what, and which go kart is best for you. I am personally shopping for my kids and have gone through this list with parent purchasing eyes. I’ve split them up between 2 seater and 1 seater because a 2 seater will usually last them longer. You can still fit in a 2 seater when sometimes kids grow out of the seat size of a 1 seater before they’re too tall. 

First I would start out by measuring your kids from back to foot while they’re in a seated position. Based on that measurement if they measure more than 29-30 inches, check out our Mid-Sized Go Kart Comparison. 

Go Kart Name HP Engine Top Speed (MPH) 2 or 1 seater Weight Limit Seat to Pedal Distance Price Winner
Interceptor 163 XRS+ 5.5 HP 12.5+ 2 400lbs 23-29in $1,049 Best Value
TrailMaster MINI XRS+ 5.5 12.5+ 2 400lbs 23-29in $1,099  
TrailMaster MINI XRX+ 5.5 12.5+ 2 400lbs 23-29in $1,299 Best Overall
Interceptor XRX-R 5.5 12.5+ 2 400lbs 23-29in $1,399  
GoKarts USA Off Road 2.5HP 2.5 20 1 120lbs *20-30in $899  
GoKarts USA Mud Monster Electric 1000w/48v 10 or 20 1 150 *20-30in $979 Best Budget
MotoTek Maverick 500w/36v 10,15,20 1 154 *20-30in $995  
GoKarts USA Mud Monster 2.5 25 1 150 *20-30in $1,095  
GoKarts USA XKO Kart 3 *25 1 190 *25-30in $1,099  

* values estimated, not provided by the manufacturer.

1. Interceptor 163 XRS+

This go kart is the best value! It beats out some of the higher priced single seater go karts and gives you the best mix of options for the least amount of money.

What’s The Price?

The current price is $1,049, but sales are run periodically. Check the latest price from GoKarts USA here.

Full Suspension: 

Like every 2 seater on this list, full suspension provides a much better ride quality and will save your go kart from breaking parts with hard contact. Suspension was considered a luxury on older go karts, but is basically standard equipment on new go karts. 

Torque Converter:

Like suspension, the vast majority of this list have torque converters or transmissions. Also, like suspension, torque converters are superior and considered a luxury. This is another huge plus to buying new is that you get a torque converter or transmission instead of a clutch. Both are improvements in wear and tear, drivability, and reliability. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

This go kart is a get in and drive go kart. Not many extras to speak about. For a hundred or two more you can get some more features that are more desirable. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart is perfect if you’re looking for an entry level go kart without all the bells and whistles. If you just want something that works and not much to go wrong, this go kart is perfect for that.

2. TrailMaster MINI XRS+

What’s The Price?

For $1,099 you can get into the most popular and common line of go karts, TrailMasters. The MINI XRS+ offers some good features for their entry level, find the latest price on GoKarts USA here.

Torque Converter:

Like the Interceptor 163 XRS+, the TrailMaster MINI XRS+ comes with a torque converter. The major benefit here is the simplicity and longevity of a torque converter. With less moving parts than a transmission, you can easily maintain a torque converter with basic tools. It’s also much lighter and doesn’t add weight like a transmission.

Hydraulic Front Disc Brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes are much better than mechanical brakes and will give you more of a consistent pedal feel. Not to mention it gives you more stopping power for the amount you push the pedal. This is a great option available even on this entry level TrailMaster.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Like the Interceptor 163 XRS+, this go kart is a great beginner go kart and without all the expensive upgrades, will likely be easier to maintain over the years. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This is the cheapest entry into a TrailMaster go kart, and you’re still getting some upgrades with it. This go kart is great if you want a simplistic ready to ride go kart.

3. TrailMaster MINI XRX+

This go kart is the best overall, but it was a tough choice. It comes down to remote start/kill and reverse. Although reverse is a highly valuable option, the remote kill will save you so many more times. It takes a lot of the danger and stress out of parenting a child on a go kart and puts you firmly in control.

What’s The Price?

Listed for $1,299 this is TrailMasters top of the line in the 23-29in seating size. GoKarts USA has it available here.

Remote Start/Kill:

Of all the go kart options, this is probably the number one options parents will love. You can start the go kart, and turn it off with the push of a button on a remote that you keep with you. Ultimate control!

5 Point Harnesses:

This go kart comes with sport seats and 5 point harnesses. 5 point harnesses mount to the chassis at 5 separate points and is far superior to standard 3 point harnesses like what we have in vehicles. Definitely an upgrade in safety here!

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

For the smallest line TrailMaster makes, this is near perfection. The only thing I would recommend adding would be a trickle charger for the battery. This one from Amazon is what I would recommend.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

If you want the top of the line go kart for your smaller kids, roughly ages 5-9, this one is hard to beat for the price!

4. Interceptor XRX-R

What’s The Price?

This is the highest priced go kart in the 23-29in seating size at $1,399. Available here from GoKarts USA.


This is the only go kart in the 23-29in seating size to incorporate a reverse. That’s what sets it apart from the TrailMaster MINI XRX+

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

Just like the TrailMaster MINI XRX+ this go kart is top of the line. Again my only recommendation would be this battery tender from Amazon.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

For an extra $100 over the TrailMaster MINI XRX+ you get reverse. The way my kids used reverse on their power wheels, I’d say this feature will definitely come in handy.

5. GoKarts USA Off Road 2.5HP

What’s The Price?

This go kart is lowest on our list at $899, and again, available from GoKarts USA here.

Price and Size:

Overall this is the cheapest and smallest go kart on our list. This is great if you have a smaller storage area you need to put this go kart into. Weighing in at 135lbs total it could even be suspended from a ceiling with the proper hoists. Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to storage and this go kart makes that easier than most.


Although this is a very basic go kart, it still incorporates items that promote safety. It is padded on areas where you might contact the bars, as well as a padded steering wheel. It even uses upgraded hydraulic brakes to make sure your kids are able to stop efficiently. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

If this go kart came with a remote shut off for parents it would be the best of the bunch. Because it does not offer that feature that is the biggest lacking option in my eyes.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart is still a fantastic starting go kart, with more than enough power to keep your kids interested to ramp up as they get more confident. Overall a great basic go kart. Keep in mind as well that this go kart is listed as being for kids age 13 and up, however, most 5 year olds will fit easily in this go kart. 

6. GoKarts USA Mud Monster Electric

This go kart is the best budget go kart and not strictly on price. The addition of suspension is not to be undersold. It will greatly improve the ride quality and help your kids get far more enjoyment out of driving. The selectable speed is a great bonus as well as the storage options. 

What’s The Price?

Our second lowest priced go kart on this list is the Mud Monster at $979 and available here from GoKarts USA.


The major difference between the Mud Monster and the Off Road 2.5 go kart is the addition of suspension. This go kart features two front hydraulic shocks and a single rear. This is a very nice upgrade for only around 8% more in price.

Selectable Speed:

Being electric it’s much easier to limit speed. This go kart will allow you to select low or high speed as your kids get more confident. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

This go kart is great for starters but will be limited on how long you’re able to use the go kart before the batteries run down.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

One huge benefit from electric go karts is the ability to store them standing up. There are no fluids to leak out and you can store this go kart standing up, sideways, upside down, any way you need to.

7. MotoTek Maverick

What’s The Price?

For $995 you get a few more upgrades but lose a few as well. GoKarts USA has this model available here.

Roll Cage:

The Maverick has an additional roll cage but loses suspension. This may be a good trade out if you’re worried about the terrain and the chance of a rollover.  

Higher Seatback:

With the roll cage comes the ability to include a higher seatback. This can make the go kart more comfortable for long term riding and allow kids to use this longer as they grow.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

As mentioned before, suspension is not available in this model and would be a great addition with the roll cage. 

Why This Go Kart Is Great

The batteries on this go kart will last up to 40 minutes on a single charge, which can be a great way to set limits on use! 

8. GoKarts USA Mud Monster

What’s The Price?

At $1,095 you are getting the same go kart as the Mud Monster but with a gas engine. GoKarts USA has them listed here.

98cc Gas Engine:

This go kart is identical to the electric model except the addition of a 98cc 2.5 HP gas engine. The main benefit here is unlimited ride time.

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

As with the other single seaters, this is another very basic go kart.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

This go kart is essentially the Off Road 2.5 HP go kart, but with added suspension, making it much less jarring over rough terrain. 

9. GoKarts USA XKO Kart

What’s The Price?

As our highest priced single seater this go kart is $1,099. Available here from GoKarts USA.

Color Coated Pedals:

One option this go kart has is a green gas pedal and a red brake pedal to help your kids know which one to push.

Higher Weight Capacity:

This go kart is also the highest weight capacity for a single seater at 190lbs. 

What’s Missing From This Go Kart:

This go kart lacks in the addition of a torque converter. It has a direct chain driven assembly which will start moving when you start the engine up.

Why This Go Kart Is Great

Of all the go karts on this list, this is the most simplistic model. With so much less to break this go kart will be maintenance free the longest.


This list exclusively covers new go karts, but personally, I find it difficult to stomach a brand new go kart. I’m more of a fixer upper type of guy. Having said that, my real recommendation here is to find something used and older. Something you can teach your kids how to maintain, and something that you won’t lose your mind if they accidentally run into a tree with. I wrote about how to buy a used go kart here if you want to know what all you should look out for when buying used.

On the other hand, sometimes go karts of this size can be difficult to find used. The vast majority are going to be mid to adult size. If you’re unable to find anything or if you’re fine with going new, these are no doubt the best turn-key kids go karts. All being of very high quality that will last for a long time with excellent support should you run into issues. Your kids will love any one of these!


I love to drive my kids around in our go kart and I'm always looking for an opportunity to share what I've learned with others!

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